Curved Stairlifts

The prices of curved stairlifts are higher than straight stairlifts because each rail needs to be produced to the exact specifications of each staircase. A 'one size fits all' policy is just not possible as the rail needs to hug the twists and turns of the stairs.

This tailored manufacture approach raises the basic stair lift price and different models vary in price depending on features and finish. We offer the option to purchase curved reconditioned stairlifts and this helps to reduce costs, however the rail still needs to be produced specifically for your stairs but the rest of the lift is a refurbished model. Our prices for curved stairlifts start at £3000 for a reconditioned stairlift. Contact us today for a free, no obligation, quotation.

Curve Stairlift If your staircase features corners, landings, spirals or other bends, then you need the Pl Curve. Hand-built in the UK ...

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