Flow X Curved Stairlift

For straight and curved staircases

Our most space-conscious stairlift, Flow X is designed to blend into your home effortlessly. Flow X is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall, allowing it to be installed quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your home.


The Flow X redefines premium comfort. It offers ergonomic and innovative features, all detailed with you in mind. The backrest and padded seat are specifically designed with a gentle recline which, combined with its height adjustable seat and footrest, promote a natural, comfortable seating position, tailored to you.


The Flow X stairlift is designed and tested to the highest standards (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-40), to give full confidence as you move around your home.

Flow X's innovative armrests provide several key benefits. They have an ergonomically-tapered form, designed to give you extra support both when standing and sitting. And thanks to the unique open-access armrest position, transferring to a stairlift has never been easier.


Flow X is our most complete curved stairlift. It has been designed to blend innovation with an inspiring contemporary design by Pearson Lloyd.

When you choose the craftsmanship of Flow X, you ensure a superior fit for you and your home. You receive a sleek, contemporary lift with options tailored to you, with all mechanical elements elegantly kept out of sight.

The Flow X swivels as it travels, this means that getting on and off the lift at either end of the staircase is quick and easy. At the top of the staircase the seat can rotate away from the open staircase, allowing a safe exit from the seat.

ASL technology operates while the lift is moving. Therefore you avoid additional stops and swivel movements at the beginning, during and at the end of the ride. This saves time and provides additional safety and comfort. The lift really moves in one "Flow".

Even in cases where the staircase is narrow and steep, the Flow X can be installed closer to the step and on either side of the staircase. Your stairlift will be less obtrusive and your staircase remains accessible for other family members in your home.

Your well-being is important to us - when you choose ASL technology the footrest swivels with the seat ensuring your legs and feet remain in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional strain on your joints.


Speed - Max 0.15 m/s

Drive Type - Rack and pinion

Motor Wattage - 350 W - Drive Horizontal Motor

Weight Capacity - 125 kg/ 19.5 st

Batteries - 2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V

Operation - Joystick control as standard

Staircase Incline - Up to 70°


Machine Directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40 - Yes

Footrest - Yes

Retractable Safety Belt - Yes

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See the source image

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