TSL 1000 Steplift

TSL 1000 Steplift

The TSL 1000 Steplift offers a practical solution to access problems up to 1m in the home.

The most common use for the TSL 1000 steplift is to provide access for wheelchair users in and out of their home where steps make coming and going difficult. However, it can also be installed indoors. It will transport a wheelchair user up to 1m and is simple to operate.

The TSL 1000 steplift provides a practical solution for access problems up to 1m and offers safe and easy access in and out of the home where a ramp is not a feasible option.

With convenient controls and a shallow approach ramp, the TSL 1000 steplift can carry a wheelchair user and pedestrian.

The TSL 1000 steplift is easy to install and our trained engineers can normally complete the work in just one day.

Key features of the TSL 1000 steplift

  • Practical - provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the same doorway - inside or outside.
  • Easy to Use - convenient controls (remote option available) and shallow approach ramp.
  • Easy installation - self contained unit is suitable for mounting on a flat 100mm concrete base and can be installed in less than a day.
  • Cost Effective - often cheaper than a ramp and can be re-sited.
  • Reliable - battery back-up provides normal operation (up to 30 cycles) in case of power cut.
  • Low Maintenance - annual servicing recommended. Maintenance contract available.
  • Safe - built in the UK to BS 6440 by a Company with over 30 years' experience in mobility and access products.
  • Versatile - the lift will travel up to 1000mm with upper gate protection or 960mm with a triple bridge unit.
  • Unobtrusive - blends into its surrounding.

Standard Specification of the TSL 1000 Steplift

  • Application range: can be sited internally or externally for wheelchair users only
  • Maximum safe working load: 250kg •Closed height: 75mm
  • Maximum height served: 1000mm
  • Power supply electrical requirements: 220 / 240V~50 / 60 Hz 13A single phase
  • Low voltage control system: 24V DC
  • Operating temperature range: -10 degrees C to 40 degrees C
  • Safety: automatic wheelchair arrestor mechanism and full battery back-up. Constant pressure controls
  • Drive: bellows enclosed hydraulic scissor mechanism

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