Saljol Carbon Rollator

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Lightweight rollators made of carbon

Despite their weight of only 5.8 kg, Saljol's carbon rollators are so stable that they can easily withstand a weight of 150 kg. Thanks to the numerous reflectors, you will be seen well in the dark and in poor visibility: Safety through visibility! We offer the Carbon Rollator in 3 colours and 2 sizes.

Saljol Carbon Rollator - The lightweight rollator

You are more mobile and manoeuvrable with a lightweight rollator, because this rollator is light and narrow. The Saljol Carbon Rollator weighs only 5.8kg and is 62cm narrow when open.

Due to its low weight, the Saljol Carbon Rollator is easy to manoeuvre even for people with little muscle power. You can push the rollator without any problems and still have a secure hold when walking.

Even the transport, the lightweight rollator, is easy to handle for people with less strength. You can easily load your rollator into your car. When folded, you can even carry the rollator up stairs with one hand. This leaves your second hand free and you can hold on to the banister.


So that you can continue to make excursions by car, the Saljol Carbon Rollator can be folded lengthwise. The Carbon Rollator is then only 22cm wide. The folded rollator takes up very little space in the trunk or in front of the back seat. The rollator can be easily folded by pulling the release belt on the seat.

Easy to fold apart

You can unfold the Saljol Carbon Rollator just as easily. Simply press the red button and pull the Carbon Rollator apart using the push handles. Then press the seat down gently with your flat hands until the seat locks into place. The Carbon Rollator is now ready for use and the safe ride can begin.

Cork push handles

The push handles of the Saljol Carbon Rollator are made of the natural product cork. It has a pleasant feel and is particularly suitable for handles due to its non-slip structure. Furthermore, cork is UV-resistant and abrasion-proof. Even sweaty hands cannot harm the push handles. The handles remain non-slip nevertheless. Even impacts are absorbed by the cork handles, so driving over cobblestones is no problem.

Many people get sore muscles in their hands when using standard rollators, as the shocks are not absorbed and are transferred directly to the hands. The cork handles absorb the shocks and are therefore not transferred to the hands and arms when driving over uneven surfaces. Thus, when riding the Saljol Carbon Rollator, sore muscles in the upper extremities occur less often, if at all. In addition, the shock-absorbing handles are well suited for people with sensory disorders in their hands, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fast and safe braking

You can brake quickly and safely with the easily accessible hand brakes. The handbrake is already activated by gently pulling on it. If you want to sit on the rollator, press the handbrakes down. This activates the parking brake and prevents you from rolling away on uneven surfaces.

Integrated seat

With the Saljol Carbon Rollator you always have your seat with you. You can always take a break when walking. Wherever you are forced to stand for a longer period of time, you can now sit down comfortably - at traffic lights or when waiting for the bus, while shopping or when queuing at the checkout.


The Saljol Carbon Rollator is one of the safest rollators in the world. The Carbon rollator has many reflectors. On the back alone the rollator is equipped with 4 reflectors. Especially in the twilight, these contribute significantly to your visibility in traffic. The Carbon Rollator also has reflectors on all wheels. These spoke reflectors are recommended by the police and traffic control. As these are particularly visible in the dark, due to the movement.

Ideal for driving on all surfaces

The Saljol Carbon Rollator has all-terrain tyres with side profile. This absorbs shocks. So you can easily and safely drive over pebbles and cobblestones with our rollator. Even on slippery surfaces the rollator has excellent grip and braking ability.

Standard gear shifting

In the Saljol Carbon Rollator the gear shift with foot pedal is standard. This means that you can set an individual rolling resistance via the sliding brake. To do this, you have to step lightly on the red lever on the rear wheels with your foot or push it upwards, so you can switch the rolling resistance on or off. With the gear shift on the rear wheels you can reduce the walking speed. This is particularly useful for going down a hill without the walker rolling away. With the rolling resistance, you have a stable hold on the rollator even when going downhill and can get down the hill safely.

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