S7 SR Platform Stair Lift

A wheelchair platform stair lift that is convenient and easy to operate.

Functional and Versatile

The Terry S7 SR platform stair lift is designed for straight staircases and can be fitted directly to a wall or supported on stanchion posts. The user can operate the lift independently, because the barrier arms and ramps are powered.

When the stair lift is not in use, it can be folded and parked with a depth of only 285mm from the wall, so it won't block up the staircase.

Reliable Platform Stair lifts

The Terry S7 SR platform stair lift is reliable and complies with British and European safety standards. Safety features ensure that it is impossible to operate the lift until the barrier arms and ramps are folded and in place. The lift stops automatically at the upper and lower landings. Constant pressure controls allow the user to stop the lift at any time

Because the ramps and platform undertray are pressure sensitive, the lift stops automatically if it meets an obstruction on the staircase. If the power to the lift fails, the lift can be operated using the manual hand-wind handle.

Safety Features on the S7 SR Platform Stair Lift

  • Rack and pinion drive.
  • Overspeed governor.
  • Low voltage (24 volt) controls.
  • Manual hand-wind.
  • Manual release of barrier arms and platform.
  • Emergency stop buttons.
  • Key-switched controls.
  • Thermal overload.
  • Electrical components to IP65.
  • Pressure sensitive ramps and undertray.

General Specification for the S7 SR Wheelchair Platform Stairlift

  • Satin finish anodised aluminium rail with 80 x 160 mm profile.
  • 225Kg safe working load.
  • 20-50 degree stair angle.
  • Speed 0.10 m/sec.
  • Drive motor 400 watts.
  • Soft start.
  • Built to the following standards: CE,BS, TüV, SA, ISO9386-2

Not available to buy online.

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