Furniture Raisers

£25.00 with VAT Relief
£30.00 including VAT

Furniture Raiser

  • Simply lift each leg of the chair and slide the riser in to place
  • Large diameter recess that allows the chair leg to sit in the top without the chance of sliding off
  • Anti-slip foam pads in the recess to hold the legs in place for additional safety and to help prevent movement
  • Can be used on many types of flooring such as wood and carpet, however they should not be used on flooring which can cause the raisers to slip or where the floor can be easily damaged
  • The maximum load of the raisers is 400kg (63 stone) with the weight distributed over all four raisers. The maximum load for each individual raiser is 100kg (16 stone)
  • Suitable for legs between 1.6cm (5/8") and 9cm (3½") diameter
  • The extra wide base and narrower top increases the stability of the risers and reduces the chance of them tipping
  • Set of four 9cm stackable furniture raisers

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