TOPRO Troja Classic

£265.00 with VAT Relief
£318.00 including VAT

On the market since 2002.

Supreme test winner

Three sizes Available

The renowned German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest conducted tests on 14 different rollators in their 9/2005 edition. These were some of the observations made about the Norwegian test winner

  • Best operating comfort

  • Easy to fold

  • Good brake function

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver

  • Requires little space when folded

Has good brakes, tilt activator and edge guard which makes it safe to use. Has plastic coated aluminiumtube, plastic coupling, polyester and a unic-netting basket. Can be hosed and steamed, wear and tear parts can be replaced and the brakes can be adjusted.


Height of support points 750-1000mm

Max Length 65cm

Max Width 61cm

Between support points 47cm

Seat Heigth 62cm

Turning Diameter 84cm

Diameter front/rear wheels 20cm

Width front/rear wheels 0.35cm

Diameter handles 0.35cm

Grip distance driving brake 6.5cm

Height when folded up 80cm

width when folded up 24cm

Length when folded up 66cm

Weight of item 7.4kg

Max user weight 150kg (24 stone)

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