Scooter Canopy

£330.00 with VAT Relief
£396.00 including VAT

Scooter Canopy

The scooter canopy offers complete weather protection from the cold, wet and driving winds, which are exacerbated even at minimum speeds during a head wind.

Product Features

  • Frame made from strong, lightweight aluminium with spring locating pins for easy parts assembly
  • High density black 600d oxford cover with reinforced seams
  • Stiff pVC windows provide extra strength and minimise
  • Industrial strength zips
  • Doors can be rolled up and displayed on the outside, tucked out of sight or removed completely
  • Horizontal zip for passing objects
  • Two rear internal crutch/walking stick holders
  • Replacement parts are available if you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage.

    What it fits


    Electric Mobility:Rascal 388S, Rascal 388D and Rascal 388XL Shoprider: Sovereign 4 and Deluxe




    Shoprider: Cadiz and Perrero Sunrise: Sterling Diamond and Sterling Emerald


    Pride:Colt 9, Colt plus, Colt Deluxe and Colt Sport


    Days: ST4D


    Freerider: City Ranger 6 and City Ranger 8


    Freerider: Mayfair 4


    Kymco:Super 4


    Kymco:Super 6 and Midi XLs


    Roma: Lyon


    Drive: Envoy 4, Envoy 6 and Envoy 8


    Komfi-Rider:6000 De Luxe


  • Rain can reduce your visibility. In severe weather conditions please reduce speed.
  • A cloth can reduce some of the excess water or condensation on the PVC.
  • At night some drivers can experience problems with light reflecting back off the front screen from their headlights. Make sure that adjustable headlights are angled down and drive with the tiller angled further forward.
  • Remember that if you get off your scooter in strong winds, your body weight will no longer be keeping the scooter on the ground. We recommend that you leave your scooter in a sheltered place.
  • In very strong winds we recommend unzipping a door to allow the wind to vent through. In severe conditions open both doors and secure them for maximum venting.


    We would always recommend that your canopy is fitted by an engineer or an experienced canopy fitter. If you fit a canopy yourself, We will offer no responsibility for damage caused by an incorrectly fitted canopy.

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